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Monday, July 19, 2010

the one i m gonna miss..

Posted by msk_ajay

It's strange how life can sneak up on you and then before you know it, another month as flown by.when i came across the announcement from this wonderful friend of mine that she is leaving infy the very next day, the first thing i did was cherish all those memories of training time and all sort of things came into my mind that we use to do during those days with our other friends.

Right at this moment i feel thankful to have a voice of my own which can speak out loud and freely that i am going to miss everyone who gave me such wonderful memories.And i am going to miss her for all those things listed below :

At first, she is Shahrukh khan fan and Roger federer too.
Her hindi is too cute.
She is the one who always reply to your call.
She is the one who appreciate my blog.
Her memory is as sharp as mine.
She appreciates every small thing as litle to notice.
The way she calls herself 'Pahalwan'.
She doesn't want to ruin anybody's mood, if she herself is not in good mood. At that time she makes deserted herself.
She is loud in front of you and as low when she is on phone.
She knows the meaning of Gift.
She hardly(never) tells her secret,,,always says she is fine.
She loves capturing memories into pictures. When she clicks a photo, she wants everybody to Smile.

A perfect Gujju girl and a very good person.

Wish you all happiness and success in your life ahead.


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