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Friday, April 30, 2010

Some missing pages in my Diary..

Posted by msk_ajay

Some missing pages in my Diary...

There are some moments, i need to record in my diary, but remains unmentioned maybe coz i never got the time or maybe coz some other things would end up getting higher priority.If i don't do it now, i guess i will never. So here it goes...

1. MY MUSIC SYSTEM(Philips Woox) : 28 Jan,2002, the day when papa bring home, a music system. It was highly unexpected and it mad my day, month and almost the whole year! Oh yes, i am die hard music lover and always wanted to have a good music system at home. But didn't expect it would be that one. I was touched,papa would actually notice all my wants(all fathers do, but it's a gr8 feeling) and fulfill upto that extent.

Thanks you.

2. lonely Dance : i was in Kota for my IIT preparation. As going to appear for engineering enterance exam, IIT was my dream. I tried hard to get into this, but couldn't, thats another story. I was good at Subjective questions, and always got under 100 rank in coaching tests. But was poor in objective papers. I never crossed the usual cutoffs for IIT screening. After 6 months of rigorous study and hard work. One day, after coming back from objective teat. I started marking my score, i had an inner feeling, this time i would cross the line and i did so. I scored 121. My joy had no bound.I was alone in my room, my roommate was gone for extra class.Insanity was so poured in me, i started dancing like anything. i danced for almost 15 minuts.i wish i would hav a camera, so i could capture those moments. but i didn't know that those 15 minuts were being captured in my memory with flash.

3. A walk to Remember : 12 feb,The first time i and R(M) went for a walk in udaipur. I remember telling her all my secrets during that one walk and i felt relieved to know that a person was genuinely interested in what i had to say. Moreover, she didn't judge me. We talked and talked and sat down on a chair in the park. I think, we sat there for almost 2 hrs but never noticed the time passing by. She was looking so cute in her white and yellow dress.I can not foget her face, that smile was enough to reflect on my face.

4. Last days in College : 4 July 2008, Each and every individual have their own sweet memories about their college life. Very memorable moments are there. Still I couldn’t believe that my college life was over and I couldn’t get back those days. Lot to discuss but I just want to share my last day of my college life.

It was,last paper of our engineering career. All were happy, finally after going through many ups and down, our journey was about to end. Everybody was hugging each other and wishing good luck for the future.The mixed emotions of excitement, fear and happiness of entering into a new world, all seem so vivid. Some was asking for sorry,if they had hurt ever in past 4 years for some random reasons. And suddenly, a friend of mine (not so close) came to me and said- ' you are the best person ,i have ever met...and i am not just saying. I really mean it'. What should i say? i just said, thanks, it's so nice of you saying this. I just wanna say, it was the best compliment,i ever got or would ever get.
....and many more missing pages..!


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