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Monday, June 27, 2011

Travelogue on Shirdi

Posted by msk_ajay

Friday evening. we(I,Karan,Deepak,Richa and Ankita) all planned to go to Matheran on sunday. I know,place is not important.Point is,we were held at gunpoint to change our destination to Shirdi. So everything you read from here is all about the absolute domination. The kind of domination that you can give your kids example of.

Ok, so guys,these two girls decided to go to shirdi long ago. I have never been to any of those two places and i assure you it was not easy to convince them for Matheran. Although, for me difficulty level was mentioned as 3 on the scale of 5. But unprofessionals(Karan and deepka) thought it was underrated.It was hot as mars when we started. Not the weather,but the state of mind of the lady with gun, because of the few extra miles we take to karan's home.First few hrs went in just to figure out, how to switch on flash of the ankita's cam. And rest went in to search some happy song in our cellphone.I always thought girls always like sentimental songs but that peception didn't last for long.Considering Jagjeet singh(karan) and Pankaj Udas(deepak), it was terribly exhausting. And that is when, two betteries died(Remember the duracell ad !!!).

We move ahead and reached halfway panting and gasping for food. Later on, we realize which was in abundance with these two dead batteries. But it was still refreshing to reach half way as there was a nice stream flowing there.Also, it was absolutely picturesque or say, we actually made it. On one side the magnificent view of highway and the other side we,holding tea and chips. The moment passed and mother nature says 'tathastu'. The energy poured in all of us. By the way, we were all rechargable Duracell, we needed to recharge every now and then with a break.

We moved few miles ahead and Ankita kept showing stupidity all along for the 9th time. By this time, i already lost count.The speed of our jet seems like a bel gadi, bcoz of the songs we were playing. Finally at 4:00 we reached Shirdi.And we were all ready to join the queue.And then, the mysterious pandora box opened which containd all possible equipment of makeup and houshold things.Queue were more longer than it appeared and Richa taking breaks after every 3 ¾ baby step. ankita also showed some signs of fatigue but i am sure these two pretty girls has only one thing in mind...'Apne to cab ke paise vasool karne hai'. I never knew this could be motivating. They dragged themselves all along overpowering the force of gravity and finally we reached and got a devine darshan.

We came out with deepak's instant wish being fullfilled. It drizzeled and we had reached the new version of heavan and all felt absolutely rejuvented. Ready to join another queue for prasad. Suddenly ankita says with lot of vanity of having achieved this feat that ' she came here for the 5th time'. i completely ignored because of the knowledge of the place she posseses. And it was the time for recharging the batteris and fed ourself at a Dhaba. And time for the move towards 'Shani singapore'. This wasn'the plan but was surely a better option considering the change that we all had after visiting Sai baba temple. As we moved, we were all fantasizing ourselves to be in antartica and searching for all possible eatables. Ankita again came up with some crap and this time her IQ got personified.

It was just 11:00, when we came out of 'shani singapore' temple. all these while the lady with gun kept reminding of her exam and urgency of reaching pune before 4:00. But i could see no intention of surrender in eyes of two studs karan and deepak.Hanky or donno what they call it, i think stole came out and so were tears from Ankita's eyes. The song 'Pee loo' started playing in the background. But suddenly stopped, realizing the existance of crocodile tears. She asked me for the 117th time, will we reach on time? i replied for the 117th time. yes we will.

Again 1.5 hr passed in cab and got down at a restaurant located at best possible location on highway. The girls were rechared enough after lunch to take the challange from karan and deepak to trek on a a hill nearby. They reached the peak. I'm sure this deserved a few more marks, because i was not ready to go, but coudn't tell after seeing their energy. Of course they got recharged themselves by the flashing cameras all the way.I know, Richa wishing if she had show some tentrums, she also would get some footage in this read, But you'll get a chance, get Ankita to Matheran for our next trip.

I salute the spirit of these two girls for making it through when 3 guys were forcing to go to Matheran. And let us encounter the devinity of the pilgrimage....MY RESPECT !!!

Me : Ok ankita, now please get the gun off me or shoot me if you want, but my conscience can't allow more magnification of lies.

Ankita : **grinning** isme to goli hi nahi hai....**giggling**(i know u all actually heard it)

Me(Thinking) : Idiot!! She thought we were forced to go to shirdi. Dumb, we really wanted to go together.

Me(Saying): Sahi hai tu...sabko peeche peeche gumaya...genius ho tum dono!!

Ankita and Richa: ****GIGGLES & HIGH FIVES****

Me: ** wink wink** 

Thanks Devesh Shah for Travelogue template.


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