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Saturday, March 6, 2010

mera jahaaan....

Posted by msk_ajay

Hi's been a long time, i have posted something. But i can not resist from u all for too long.

sometime back my friend asked me about my favorite song. i instantly said : My favorite song is ‘Mera Jahaan’.

I adore this song of one of the finest crafted movies of bollywood ‘Taare zameen per’. This song is such a meaningful creation, the meaning I can relate to. It was the song that made me want to be a lyricist. It says everything that I used to think, when I was a kid.It has incredible lyrics by Prasoon Joshi, Adnan sami has a voice to die for, and the video..well..I am speechless. To me, this song is an example of something that comes totally from the imagination. Unlike the conventional format of the verse-course structure, the melody goes until it is finished, and it becomes more beautiful at the end.The lyrics are well posed and make their point without resorting to fancy words. I just love the arrangement of words rhythms. Everyone interprets music and lyrics differently. That’s the beauty of being a musician; you touch millions of people in millions of different ways.

This is the definite favorite of mine because of the imaginary response of a child; the lyrics bring out in me, as I listen. It is the song that I enjoy, no matter what happened the moment before.


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