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Saturday, October 24, 2009
Posted by msk_ajay

Last week, i was at home. And i was glad, all my school friends have landed from miles away to our hometown this Diwali. As i was at home after such a long time, my mom was keep asking me, what do you want to eat....fridge is full of cold drinks & ice-creams, you always like or try some dry fruits or sweets or chokolates you always loved.

I just want to eat normal food made of your very own hand. Nothing special, just dal, sabzi & chapaties. I wondered all those things,which used to waters my mouth,are no longer fascinating me.B'coze since i left my hometown, all these things are easily available and i always have money to buy them.

Now i really miss those days, when my father used to buy me ice-cream on my b'day and me & my brother used to go outside to have dosa. Masal dosa was my favorite dish. but not now, as i live in south india.i remember,one of my friend told me how she used to wait for her uncle,who buy her Britannia Bourbon as Bourbon was considered very expensive biscuits that time and her elder sister spent her childhood happily with Parle-G.

i really feel....we don't fascinated by things which are easily available.


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