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Friday, October 16, 2009

Wishing you all a very Happy Deepawali..!!

Posted by msk_ajay

Deepawali means "the array of lights" "Tamsomaa jyotirgamaya"(lead me from darkness to light) is an Upanishadic prayer.This means that where there is darkness, light is needed.

There are different types of darkness-they are Sorrow, loss, Disappointment, Misery and lack of enthusiasm.

To get rid of the darkness of sorrow- light the lamp of happiness.
To dispel the darkness of disease-install the light of health.
To overcome darkness of lose and failures-usher in the light of prosperity.

The flame of a lamp has two significant qualities, one is to banish darkness; the other is a continuous upward movement. Even if a lamp is kept in a pit, the flame is directed upwards. The ancients have taught that the upward movement of the flame denotes the path to wisdom and the path to divinity.

I wish you all 'A Happy and a safe Deepawali". Enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Eat lots of sweets and burst lots of crackers.!!


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