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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

do you believe in God?

Posted by msk_ajay

"Muje har us cheez se nafrat hai, jo insaan ne apne matlab ke liye banai hai aur Bhagwan unme se ek hai" a dialogue from a bollywood flick 'Border' has inspired me to write this article.
Have you ever think that "Does God exists?" This is the most debatable topic. But still every living person has its own perception regarding 'God'.Some thinks God is within us, some believes its existence only in pilgrimage places or Temples,Church etc.

Whenever we found ourself in some problem;we say 'Oh God,help me'.God was best made for this.Because God is nothing but a man made hypothetical entity, who is considered as more powerful than a human being. It was made for to revitalize or fill ourself with some optimistic wave, when we are in trouble.For example- before exam,we use to pray to god & on the next moment we found ourself equipped with a sudden confidence.

But i don't believe in God because i think

" Religion is for those people,who are afraid to go to hell
and Spirituality is for those people who are already been there"


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