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Sunday, October 11, 2009

India is a hillarious country with no sense of humour

Posted by msk_ajay

"you have very good sense of humour" the compliment i have received several times in my life.Sometimes i think,what people make feel that i have great sense of homour.Its the virtue of mine to make fun of others that makes others burst into laughter except one,who is the victim.I think its a good deal to make nine people laugh even if one is suffering.

Many times i have tried healthy humour,but got not that much response that i usually get in making fun of someone.Even in some laughter show that are being telecast these days,you can find the comadian making fun of someone whether it is a celebrity or any politician or some public figure. I only like 'Raju Srivastav' who delve into small thing & come out with a really healthy humour.

In india,people love to laugh at something,in which , there is not a single bit of humour. Even people laugh at those who laugh loudly in a garden early in the morning.In india, if a group of people is laughing, you can sure of that someone is being victimised.

i found that " India is a hillarious country with no sense of humour"


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