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Thursday, October 8, 2009

to all my friends

Posted by msk_ajay

There is always a person to whom we share all our secrets, tell all our problems,celebrate all festivals, B'days & who give us Jaadu ki Jappi(hug),when we are in trouble. Who jumps along with you, when you get pass the exam. The person whom we called as Friend.

Friendship is the only relationship which has no boundation to abide it with.You can choose your friend.You don't get them by birth.friends are always made to order .If you don't want your friendship more, you can break it.This is the virtue of friendship.

When we like someone as a friend. At that moment we become all his/her.We exchange vows to keep our friendship forever.We love his good,we love his bad.We talk to each other as much we can.Even if there is no topic to discuss about,we create it.

After half an hour, i'll become 23. It's my b'day. This b'day, i want to dedicate to all my friends, who have made my journey of these 23 years beautiful. Some of them are still in touch with me, some are not. But i always remember the time , i spent with them.


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