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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Never regret on something, that made you smile atleast once

Posted by msk_ajay

One day i was eating an Apple. It has small part rotten. I threw it into dustbin.My friend scold me for doing so. he said, you can cut that rotten part & eat the rest of it.

You can find an fresh Apple without any rotten part, but you cannot find a friend without a bad part.Sometimes depression sets in.Happens to all of us. we try hard, stay true to our friends.yet miscommunication occurs.Maybe there is something about our friend that we don't like. We should ignore this.we should not forget the time we spent together & which made you smile.

When a bad things happens,
1.why we start hating that person, to whom with we have spent some best days of your life?

2.why things get change?

3.why a bad thing overpowers thousand good things?

4.why we start regretting on making friends?

P.S. Never regret on something, that made you smile atleast once.


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