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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God on earth...parents

Posted by msk_ajay

I have never encountered an accident & don't want to.
But i remembered an incident that i want to share with you

After +2 i went to Kota for IIT preparation.It's been one & a half month, i was away from my Home.Before that i have never been keep away from my parents for a single day.On Rakhi i got 3 days leave. We were four friends from my Hometown.But i reached at Bus stand a little late & i got a different Bus.I called my parents that i am leaving and will reach at 7:30 in the morning.

Bus started moving at 9:30. As there were no-one to talk.I put earphone of my SONY walkman.It was my favourite entertainment tool that time.I don't know when i started dozing off.I wake up at 5:30. I saw a milestone written as Chittorgarh-60Km.I was shocked.I asked them person beside me.He told me we were stuck in traffic-jam for 3 hrs.As i don't have mobile phone that time.So i couldn't call at home.I took it normally & again went back to my dream world.

But on the other side, at my home,things were not so normal.Time was passing by 8:30, 9:00, 9:30. All my friends who were just half an hour early,had reached home at 7:40.My father then called Travel agent and he told that an accident had been reported and they are trying to confirm it as they don't know which Bus got accident.And things became worse at my home.

I reached home at 10:30. As i entered in my home, ambience was unusual. My Mom was crying in a corner of the room and my papa was consoling her and My brother was sitting besides phone,having a small tear about to come out.When they saw me,i can't tell you how that situation was.They hugged me & asked me, 'why are you so late?'I told them about the traffic jam.But i was puzzled and i asked them 'what happened to you all?'. Then they explained everything.

I realized then 'May be parents are not everything for us, But Children are everything for them'.


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