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Friday, October 2, 2009

pagalpanti bhi Zaruri hai

Posted by msk_ajay

i always wanted to get wet in Heavy rain. But i don't know why i had not. May be i was very protective or restrict myself to do some stupid things.

But a friend of mine in my college days always dragged me in heavy rain.i remembered, one day before exam there was heavy rain & he came to me & said 'chal ajay, barish me bheegte hai'. But i said 'yaar maan to hai, par muje padna hai'.

Then he said.
'Kutta maro...billi maro
par Maan ko mat maro'

and we both went outside & enjoyed a lot.

And same thing happened a few days back. i was watching TV & there were raining outside. I was wanted get wet in rain & then i remembered my friend's words. i went outside in the rain. Though i was alone but i enjoyed a lot.

A song is coming in my mind:
Cchai cchapa chai....cchapak ke cchai
paniyo pe ccheete...udati hua ladka

PS: pagalpanti bhi Zaruri hai


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