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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My visit to Pune

Posted by msk_ajay

It's been a long time, i am writing about my visit to a place. This post is just a collection of some random thoughts that crossed my mind while seeing pune.

'Beware of Swine flu', was the warning from one of my friend, while leaving for pune. Those words were still ringing in my mind, untill i reached pune.But i have hardly seen one or two person wearing a mask in last 3 days. First bad thing or rather good thing happened to me was, my phone stopped working.Somehow i managed to call my friends & told them that i am in pune now. Moreover i was telling myself loudly that finally i am in pune after making plans for pune thousand times for last 2 months.

My pune visit was more a friends visit, i still have my mind & heart there with them.when i entered in their home, i havn't feel that i havn't seen them for last 3-4 months. It was like ,i was living with the m for years.That's the quality of good friends.

The first question asked by P 'kya kahyega Ajay'. Nothing can be better than 'Ghar ka khaana'. though i hate cooking, but i helped them in cutting onions. M came to me & said 'here is masala chai for you'...god...i'm loving it.In the evening, we went for did it long time back in Mysore.It was fun all over again, musti wala fun, remembering our training days.Then we decided to go to Aundh...a nearby place.It was a beautiful sight there.It just wasn't the beauty of nature,it was more about the fact that this time nature looked beautiful with the traffic on road and people having corn & panipuri(which is not a big deal in India).In the next hrs, we were having dinner at Tareef with a teddy, a gift from someone to someone.This teddy was emitting a certain innocence with its sweet face...believe me..

next day we went out for shopping,where i met one more friend.In the evening we were at Mocha...a caffe. we ordered lemon tea each(i don't remember the exact name of the drink), which was gleetfully garnished with a piece of lemon.A caffe is a best place to have fun, but ambience here was not so good.One of us didn't like it, i didn't like it either. But i found some curious souls checking out the couple at the back, the guy looks as if he made one of biggest mistake of his life.Then we had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Monday morning, we wake up at 7 o'clock as we were going to watch movie...strange....7 o' of us didn't come as they found their bed more comfortable than a 20 minutes ride & a seat in a/c theater.But i enjoyed the part,theater was full of yungsters...all colors around. first time i bought a coffee instead of a cold drink in a movie. An don't ask me about the movie...(it was 'Dil bole Hadippa')....No comments.

we came back at home at 2 o'clock. Ever since we entered the room,only one question was flying around...'Shaam ke khane me kya khaana hai?' finally we decided to make 'Pyaz ke paraanthe'.As there were only one girl among us , had to do it. we just helped her in cutting onions & washing utensils.This was her first attempt of pyaz ke paraanthe. But with every bite, we used to close pur eyed and ummmmmmmm.....have this bliss wala experience...hahaha.... every bite was satisfying. i always had 'Pyaz ke pakode or paraantha' sometime or other.But this thing takes the entire onion experience to a another level.B'coz noone other than my mom, had made something for me with so much love & care.

At last i experienced Pune rain, just before the time i was about to leave.All in all i had a wonderful time, back with friends. Though i missed some, who were not not able to manage their stay in pune due to some random reasons.

P.S. when u meet old friends aftersuch a long time & have blast, u realize somewhere, the fun part is not there in work life & the fact that one's SOH(sense of Humour) decreases a bit.


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