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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everyone is special

Posted by msk_ajay

Today, i was talking to my friend. we started talking about our mutual friends. i told her about everyone, where he/she is, what they are doing, what problems they are facing in their life.I the meanwhile she stoped me & asked how do you know everything about everyone. She was wondering, how one can be in touch with everyone. Then i said, how can you forget someone, you've been with or have spent a wonderful time together.

i feel, i'll never forget anyone, i've been with, b'coz each person has ther own qualities. i miss all mundane things of theirs., like one of my friend , whenever y0u offer her something to eat, she tastes it & always says, it's very good with such a good expression & one who never spent a single penny, had donated 1000 bucks to tSunami victims or the one who says hi to every foreigner, he sees while walking down the street if jaipur.

i am obsessed with little things. May be, i am crazy. When i was a kid, i always got late when i walk to school alone.Now i figured out , why. Sometimes i was watching a leaf falling from its mother tree, touches my feet, after following a bizzare path in the air or sometimes i tried to detach myself with my own shadow or sometimes i found myself, looking at the ants crossing the road, carrying weight more than their own bod weight.

Little things.....i think, it's the same with people. i see litle details in them, so specific to each of them that move me & that i miss & always miss. you can never replace anyone, b'coz everyone is made of such beautiful specific details. i put all these details of everyone, i met in drawers inside my head, which remains forever with me.

P.S. Every one is special in its own way.


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