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Saturday, September 26, 2009

live happy & let live others happy

Posted by msk_ajay

i am great fan of Bollywood flicks, but for past few days i am watching Hollwood movies.There is always some difference, when it comes to cultural aspact of different continents.Even i feel how liberal they are, in matters of relationship. They are so straight in displaying their emotion.

But when it comes to us, we have to think all about the world, rather than our own. And it become very difficult, when it is about opposite sex. if we talk about rural areas of india, a wife can not tell her husband that she don't love him. i mean , she is supposed to love her husband in any case. Even he is not loyal to her.She is not allowed to think beyond that. Forgot about rural part, lets talk about our life. i tell you an incident during my training in infy. One of my friend had a Re-Compre & all of us were waiting outside of the examination hall. when she got to know that she had cleared her exam & came out of the hall. she burst into tears, though it were tears of ecstasy.she was full of emotion that she want to hug somebody, but she didn't as there were only boys around including her best friend, who had help her in the preparation of her exam all days & night.Then soon after, a friend of ours came to congratulate her.She rushed to her & hugged her tightly. i just wondered what thing had stopped her to express her emotion. Certainly, it is our culture blessing (or curse) that restrict us to display emotion to opposite sex in public.

We always think, what the others will think, what we tell to our society as our society doesn't take a girl-boy relationship in a healthy way.Even we are fair in relationship.

Sometime i feel, why should we think about society,if society is not ready to think about us. But even i feel, when it's a story of someone else, we become the part of society & react in the same way. So problem is within us, not in the society. Because only we people make the society & we are the only one, who can make our society better.

lets do the new, & start thinking in a healthy way. follow the principal 'live happy & let live others happy'.

P.S. A candle loses nothing if it is used to light another one.


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